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As a member of ROATP we are registered to deliver accredited apprenticeship training and can help you access funding to upskill your existing staff team as well as grow your setting through sourcing enthusiastic new talent  we can go on to train and support. 

Courses we can offer Immediately:

  • Ofsted regulated Paediatric First Aid (12hr course): £80pp for 1-6 learners (7 or more group discounts are available) – see attached course content
  • Ofsted regulated blended Paediatric First Aid: £70 for 1-6 learners (7 or more group discounts are available this learning includes 6 hours classroom based learning on practical elements and 6 hours independent learning with completion of booklet)
  • Emergency First Aid at work: £50 pp (7 or more group discounts are available)
  • Safeguarding: £35pp or £300 for 10 plus learners
  • The wonder of Babies: £35pp or £300 for 10 plus learners
  • Fundamental British values in Early Years Practice: £35pp OR £300 for 10 plus learners
  • Behaviour Management: £35pp OR £300 for 10 plus learners
  • In the Moment Planning: £35pp OR £300 for 10 plus learners
  • Fire Marshall Training: £35pp OR £300 for 10 plus learners
  • Schematic play: £35pp OR £300 for 10 plus learners
  • EYFS and characteristic of effective learning: £35pp OR £300 for 10 plus learners
  • Outdoors to inspire: £35pp OR £300 for 10 plus learners

In addition we can also offer the following longer term training courses as apprenticeships or self funded learning:

  • CACHE level 2 and Level 3 accredited qualifications in Supporting Teaching and learning
The classroom can be an unpredictable place, and so the ideal candidate would be flexible, caring, sensitive, patient, trustworthy and creative.
A Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools qualification involves working as a teaching assistant within a primary, secondary or unique school. By supporting students, teachers, the school and the curriculum, the course involves working with children to enhance their development and to achieve their full potential.
  • CACHE level 2 and Level 3 accredited qualifications in Early Years Education

Are you patient with children and would like a job in which you could really make a difference? If so, then childcare might be for you.

Looking after children is both a responsibility and an honor. A career in childcare is hard work and you must be focused, alert, creative and on the go constantly but the rewards and your sense of achievement can be enormous.

If you would like to work with babies and young children aged 0 to 5, then the Children and Young People’s Workforce (CYPW) qualification could be the ideal course for you. It is aimed at anyone aged 16 years and above and will give you the skills and experience to develop your career in a wide range of childcare settings.

The courses above will will enable you to develop the knowledge and skills needed to support teaching and learning in the school environment and early years sector respectively.

Benefits of courses provided by  Bamboo Training and Apprenticeships:

  • Specialist Tutors with ‘hands on’ work  experience
  • Training is planned to meet individual/settings needs
  • Flexible training sessions
  • Training bundles at a discount
  • On or off site training options
  • Face to face support and online portal for assignments for level 2and 3 courses
  • Grants and staggered payments avaialble for self funded level 2 and 3 course learners

If you would like some more info, get in touch for an informal no obligation chat: 

If interested in enquiring about the courses above in order to develop your staff team; or to complete a training needs analysis for your nursery free of charge please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call us on 08448225727 and ask for a member of the training team.