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Tuesday, 08 October 2013 00:00

Tough Mudder Done and Dusted!!

Hooraah!! We completed the challenge and have survived to tell another tale. Our adventure involved scaling Everest, jumping into the Arctic Enema and surviving the electric eel. Here is a copy of our Tough Mudder course map! I have to say the whole event was inspiring. On entering the venue there was a vibrant atmosphere with several groups completing the challenge in fancy dress for their chosen charity. We particularly liked the guys in dinosaur onesies and really felt for them at the end of course as the weight they must have carried round after rolling through mud trenches, bogs etc was crazy. The warm up speeches gave me goose bumps after hearing inspiring stories of bravery (a lady had previously completed the course in an exhausting 7hrs with her wheelchair) and the camaraderie displayed throughout the whole event was wonderful whereby not only team member,s but total strangers got involved helping each other to tackle some of the tougher obstacles whether that be offering physical help with a push up or mental support with a 'You can do it'. The course weaved its way across the state grounds of Cholmondley Castle, over canal crossings and through several meres, leading us through forest trails and peat bogs filled with the kind of thick mud that sucks you in and doesn't let go. We had to tie our trainers super tight for fear of losing them. We raised over our target £500 for the Annabelle's Challenge and money still coming in so a Big Thank you to all those that supported us! I am looking forward to a week of rest now although our Team organiser is already looking at the next challenge for us to complete next year and has pre-registered us for the same event next year. Will have to think about that?!



Tough mudders