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Tuesday, 08 March 2011 12:02

International Women's Day 100 Year Anniversary 8th March 2011

Women in the UK face many challenges such as juggling work with childcare, balancing family life with worklife, social life with domestic duties, making the right decisions for childcare and education. Over the last 100 years these challenges have changed and women have gained so much, however that is not to say life is easier in the UK than it was then for women, just different. 
International Women’s began in the early 1900s when women started to march and demonstrate to demand the rights, better working conditions and most memorably the suffragettes whom fought for the right to vote, hence the change in the opportunities, social standing and lifestyle of women in the UK.
We must use this day to celebrate the success of women but also to remind people that women are still unrepresented in some areas of business, are underpaid compared to men and in some industries do still experience inequality. Also across the world women are repressed and experience a lack of opportunity in terms of education and health and social care.
International Women’s Day is a means to ensure that the women of now and the future have even more opportunities both locally and internationally than we do today.