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Thursday, 27 January 2011 14:31

Nannies salaries increased in 2010

The annual survey completed by Nanny tax shows that in most of the country Nannies salaries have increased or stayed stable, including a 10% rise for live-out nannies based outside of London and the home counties. However, it appears that for the salary more is expected in return. Nannies are now working longer hours (up to 60 per week) and duties often involve housekeeping. There could be a possibility that families are making a cost saving by not employing a cleaner as this duties are taken on by the nanny..
The survey also highlighted that a Nanny is not just for the rich with 55% of families employing a nanny earning less than £70K, 38 per cent earning £50k or less and 18 per cent £30k or less. This is highlighting the fact that although employing  nanny is not the cheapest form of childcare it is often the most convenient for the family.
The clear message from the nannytax latest survey presents is that although nannies may not always be the cheapest option for families, they remain the most viable one, providing families with the most options for their lifestyle, convenience and time. Flexibility remains the key attraction and can give willing nannies a distinct advantage, not only in terms of the hours they can work, but also in the added help and value they can provide. Employers may be prepared to pay a bit more in return for taking on duties in addition to childcare.
If a nanny is prepared to offer all this, she can prove herself an invaluable asset to the contemporary family who would be reluctant to lose her support. In an age of growing demand and convenience, for many families, nannies are still a benefit worth paying for.
Information from Tracey Neal Nannytax